Best Sublimation Mask

Best Sublimation Mask

Easy Printable Sublimation Mask

Due to COVID19 lots of worse things were seen and felt that scared our souls. Life has stopped and we are locked in our home. Everyday we hear thousands of new cases coming even our doctors, nurses, and hospital staff fighting to save and risking their lives.


We never thought of wearing a mask, face shield, gloves, using a sanitizer, wearing PPT kit, scanning people and worst is social distancing. These things will become our part of life and we have to with that. 


Now we are going into the 4th lockdown phase and will start going to work with following necessary steps of prevention given by Indian government maintaining social distance wearing masks, shields and gloves.

Types of mask

3 Ply Mask without nose pin, 3 Ply Mask nose pin, Reusable/washable  Black Mask, 3 Layer Industrial Mask (FFP1), 5 Layer Industrial Mask (FFP2), N95 Face mask, Sublimation Mask with Elastic, Sublimation Mask with Piping 


Do you want fresh breath anywhere outside, on the street, in the square and in other public places? There is no dust at all when wearing our sublimation mask this winter. The mask is made of 100% polyester and offers a fresh and clean environment for the mouth and nose.


Fully sublimated, both sublimation mask are ready for any personalized logo printing.

Sublimation Mask with Elastic

  • Print on stitched mask

  • Easy to Print mask

  • Customize your own Print

  • Ready stock

  • All over printing possible

Size 6X4

MOQ Rates

500 Pcs 18

200 Pcs 20.5


Gst 5% and Shipping Additional 

Sublimation Mask with Piping

  • Print on stitched mask

  • Easy to Print mask

  • Customize your own Print

  • Ready stock

  • Size 6X5 inch

  • All Primary colors available for order

MOQ           Rates

500 Pcs     25

200 Pcs     29


Gst 5% and Shipping Additional 



1. Soft material, comfortable wear mask

2. Clear and vivid sublimation printing effect

3. Durable material, lasting and cost effective

4. Re-usable, recyclable and eco-friendly.

5. Safe us from deadly CoronaVirus, flu and pollution.


Place orders contact us at 9810085247 and take these sublimation masks home for personal use or promotional gifts.


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